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If you have any comments or questions about licensing, please let us know.

MPL License

The JEDI Libraries are licensed under the Mozilla Public License ("MPL") version 1.1.

Mozilla is the Open Source initiative formulated by Netscape for the next generation of their web browsers. Netscape states "We believe this license satisfies the Debian Free Software Guidelines which provide a commonly accepted definition of 'free software', much like other free software licenses such as GPL or BSD."

JEDI's implementation of the MPL allows developers to use its code in their applications ("Larger Work") regardless of whether the intended distribution will be in the public domain or as commercial applications, as long as the licence conditions are met. For a more detailed explanation, an annotated version of the MPL is available.

License FAQ

For additional information, please also check the official FAQ from Mozilla.

Author perspective

User perspective

Case study

I am considering using an XML parser that has being covered by the MPL v1.1 (or alternatively the GPL) in a commercial product. I will simply use the DLL libraries without modification, including the necessary header files in my own code. When I distribute (sell) my own product I would, of course, need to distribute the DLL libraries as well. My questions are: