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This wiki is hosted in France by Frédéric Guillien from GrizzlyDev.

This wiki is intended to be used for publishing articles related to Project JEDI and Project JEDI Libraries. In order to avoid spam and vandalism, anonymous and newly registered users are required to solve a captcha. Registered users can avoid this captcha by requesting a special priviledge (see JVCL Contacts for details about contacting the JEDI Teams).

For more details about Project JEDI, you may refer to this article.

The Project JEDI and its subprojects are built by the community, but more importantly, for the community. Therefore we would like to hear from you. If you have any problems, comments or suggestions we would appreciate it if you would drop us a note. There are several ways to get in contact with us. Note that we also like to hear about you if everything is fine, as this will let us know that what we do is appreciated.

Before using the wiki, the mailing lists or the our newsgroups please have a look on our guidelines.

Guide Lines[edit]

  1. JEDI wiki, JEDI mailing lists and JEDI newsgroups are only for questions related to JEDI projects, not for general Delphi help. There are other newsgroups and lists for support questions. As a group of volunteers, if JEDI members will help out with problems related to JEDI software (including new API translations for the library) when time and know-how are available.
  2. JEDI does not necessarily endorse, support, or agree with the opinions or statements expressed in any of the wiki pages, mailing lists and newsgroups. Any information placed online is solely the view of those who posted it.
  3. These service are hosted on JEDI servers. By participating, you grant to JEDI the unrestricted right to use, reproduce, modify, translate, display, perform, transmit and distribute any material you post to a wiki page, a mailing list or a newsgroup in any present or future medium and for any purpose, including commercial purposes (as expressed in the Mozilla Public License).
  4. Copyright material must not be posted without the permission of the author.
  5. Material that is libelous, abusive, hateful, an invasion of anyone's privacy, harmful to other users, or harmful to the interests of Project JEDI, its sponsors or individuals in its community must not be posted.
  6. List subscribers, newsgroup posters and wiki writers are expected to show respect for others' views.
  7. Cross-posting of messages is not allowed. Please choose the most appropriate list or newsgroup and post it only to that forum. If your message is applicable to more than one forum, please post it to the general list or newsgropu. Occasional forwarding of a single message from one forum to another is acceptable, as long as it is genuinely relevant to the other forum's activity.
  8. Do not add attachments - files, vcards, images - to your message. If you need to post files, post them to the binaries area of the newsgroups or of one of the mail lists.
  9. Do not post HTML or other style messages. Post plain text messages only.
  10. Please follow the same etiquette as is described for subscribers to the Borland's newsgroups.

Contact us[edit]


The newsgroups are the most active forums for discussing the Project JEDI topics (and other JEDI libraries/subprojects) and is also the place where the developers hang out. The Project JEDI specific group is called jedi.general, but you are recommended to also subscribe to library's newsgroups (jedi.jvcl, jedi.jcl...) and jedi.binaries.

Newsgroup server:

Web gateway[edit]

If you can't access the newsgroups directly (because of firewalls or company policy), there is also a web gateway to the newsgroups.

Bug tracker[edit]

If you want to get a bug fixed you need to log it!

The bug tracker can be used to provide feedback, suggest improvements or donate code as well as reporting bugs, more information in the IssueTracker page.