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Why create a patch file?

If you are an official Jedi developer, then you can commit your changes directly to the repository.

If not, you'll need an official developer to review your changes and commit them for you.

By creating a patch file, it makes it very simple for an official developer to apply your changes to their copy of the J(V)CL. And because it's easy, they're more likely to do it now, rather than putting it off for when they have more time. :)

To create a patch file with TortoiseSVN

1. Right-click on the root dir (e.g. jcl)

2. Choose TortoiseSVN --> Create patch...

3. Select the files that contain your changes

4. Save it.

What do I do with the patch file?

Upload it to our IssueTracker. Please include a detailed description of your changes, so we understand what you've done. :)