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Bug Reports & Feature Requests[edit]

We have worked hard to eliminate as many bugs as possible and we would like to think that we succeeded in finding them all. That, however, is not realistic thinking. While we try hard to release a bug free software, due to lack of resources we cannot test everything. Therefore, if you found any bugs, please report them to us.

When you submit a bug report please make it detailed enough so we have a fair chance to reproduce it. Please try to be as complete as possible when describing the bug. Descripe what happens (or doesn't happen). Include complete and reproducible steps. If you have any code to reproduce the problem please attach it to the bug report. Detailed steps are mandatory for us to understand and solve your problem.

Our issue tracking tool can be accessed via

Login to Add/Track a Bug or a Feature Request (preferred)
Add/Track a Bug or a Feature Request as Anonymous user

The first link requires that you register for a new login account. The second one uses an anonymous account. You can enter and keep track of bug reports as well as of feature requests. The general rule is:

If you want to get a bug fixed you need to log it!

Special Note: Please try the latest development version of the JCL or JVCL before reporting a bug, because it may have already been fixed. If it hasn't been fixed, please state in your bug report that you tried the latest development version from <date>.

Feature Requests[edit]

Our Issue Tracker can be also used for placing Feature Requests and Suggestions. If you are missing something please let us know as well.

Research bug reporting techniques[edit]

Listed below are some example pages for various bug reporting tools found on the Web. While not all of the information or examples provided here may help, in general they certainly discuss good practices that will help you to use our bug reporting tool effectively.

How to Report Bugs Effectively, Simon Tatham

bug writing guidelines, GNOME/Bugzilla

How to write a good bug report, Chris Yeh

Example / Demo Programs[edit]

If the bug is not very simple to reproduce, please create a demo program which produces the bug and attach it to the issue. Please zip up only the .dpr, .pas & .dfm files.