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Where are the latest development versions?

Note: If you were sent here from one of our newsgroups, this is the section you want!

There are two ways to get the latest developments:

  1. Daily zip files: these zip files look the same as the releases, but are generated each day, so they keep you current up to yesterday. Daily zips are available for JCL and JVCL.
  2. Source Code Repository: download the latest code from sourceforge, just like the Jedi developers do. This keeps you current up to the second! There are many benefits of using the Repository, so check it out.

For the latest JediVCS, go here.

Where are the official releases?

Get the latest release of JCL here.

Get the latest release of JVCL here.

Get the latest release of JediVCS here.

Where do I get support?

If something isn't working, it might have already been fixed. Before going further, please try the latest development version (at the top of this page).

To report a bug or request a feature, use our IssueTracker.

For all other support, please ask us on our newsgroups. I recommend using a news reader (e.g. Thunderbird) to access the newsgroup server, but it can be viewed over the web.

 Newsgroup server: news.delphi-jedi.org
 Jedi newsgroups: jedi.general, jedi.jcl, jedi.jvcl, jedi.jvcs, jedi.apiconversion, jedi.binaries

Note: Please do NOT post attachments to the main groups (general, jcl, vcl, vcs, apiconversion). Please post attachments to the binaries group and simply mention it in your message. :)