JVCL News 2000-2005

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December 2005

  • JVCL 3.10 is out, and on the Companion DVD for Borland Developer Studio 2006. It is available at SourceForge.

March 2005

  • JVCL 3.00 is out. It is available at SourceForge. We encourage users of JVCL 2.10 to migrate to it as this is the stable release for JVCL 3. Should any bug still be present, please report them in IssueTracker after having registered a user name.

January 2005

  • JVCL 3 Release Candidate 1 is out. It is available at SourceForge. We encourage users to use it and let us know about any bugs in IssueTracker after having registered a user name.

December 2004

  • Delphi 2005 support is official, through the use of the daily zip files. A new release will be done before the end of the month

September 2004

  • JVCL 3 Beta 2 is released, please use it, or better yet, the daily zip files.
  • The JEDI Online Help system is officially launched. We hereby invite users to come and give us a hand by documenting sections of the JVCL that they know and use everyday. The JVCL is a collaborative work and one of the way to show us your appreciation is by helping us making it even better. Contributing to the online help is one of the easiest way to do this, all you need is an Internet browser and connection.

August 2004

  • Peter Thörnqvist has decided to retire as JVCL Coordinator and the new coordinator is Olivier Sannier (OBones). Andreas Hausladen is the deputy coordinator, should Olivier be unreachable or the workload too hard.

April 2004

  • Raymond Alexander donates a set of EDI components to JVCL. The components are built on top of the EDI classes in JCL (also written by Ray). A comprehensive demo that uses either Advantage or Interbase is included as well.
  • Added painter support to TJvPageControl and TJvTabControl. With painters, it is easier to add custom drawing to the tabs of a page or tab control. Also added a default painter (TJvTabDefaultPainter) with support for gradients, different fonts for the different states (Active, Inactive, Disabled) and support for image placement.
  • The number of open bug reports is at an all time low. Only 5 reports that are marked as major or above are currently unresolved.

March 2004

  • JvDesktopAlert added to the JvDlgs package. JvDesktopAlert is an implementation of the desktop alert as seen in Outlook 2003 and can be described as a unobtrusive notification window.
  • JvComputerInfoEx added to the JVCL (in the JvSystem package). JvComputerInfoEx provides detailed information about nearly every aspect of the computer. It is mainly built on the functions in JCL dealing with system information and the shell. This component replaces several others, so TJvDeviceChanged, TJvSystemColors, TJvKeyboardStates and TJvDirectories has been moved to archive.
  • Andreas Hausladen is working on a new build system and a wizard based installer. Looks promising!
  • Added the Jv Navigation Pane components to the JvPageComps package. These components emulates the new Nav Pane control introduced in Outlook 2003. Along with the Nav Pane itself, the set also includes a gradient header, two type of buttons and two types of splitters as well as a style manager.
  • Added TJvColorTrackBar from Stefano Pessina to JvMM.
  • Added TJvDBFindEdit to JvDB and TJvDotNetDBFindEdit to JvDotNetCtrls from yul.

February 2004

  • A beta release of JVCL 3 has been posted to sourceforge on february 20. Since this is a beta, it is very possible that it contains bugs, so please help us make the JVCL better by reporting any findings to our IssueTracker.
  • Added TJvOfficeColorButton, TJvOfficeColorPanel and TJvNetscapeSplitter from dejoy. A really cool set of Office style components partly built on the existing TJvColorButton.
  • Added TJvDBSearchEdit and TJvDBSearchComboBox from Lionel Reynaud.
  • Added TJvAppDBStorage, a storage implementation that can save to a database.
  • Added TJvWizardRouteMapList, a route map for TJvWizard that displays the pages as a list.
  • The web site has been redesigned to provide a clearer, more logical and faster loading experience. The pages are not 100% complete, so if you find any issues, let us know.

January 2004

  • DockPresident components developed by Lu Xioban have been added to the JVCL. DockPresident (renamed to JVCL Docking), is a fabulous library of docking components that allows developer to add docking support to their applications with virtually no code. There are several docking styles supported: Standard Delphi, Visual C++, Visual InterDev and the autohiding docking forms of Visual Studio.Net. New docking styles can relatively easy be added by deriving new docking components from the base classes.
  • The Delphi eXperience II and Delphi eXperience DotNet components developed by Marc Hoffman now have been added to the JVCL. Delphi eXperience II (renamed to Jv XP Controls) is a set of visual components that have a distinct XP/Office XP and include standard controls, like buttons and checkboxes as well as a very nice XP style navigation bar component. Delphi eXperience DotNet (renamed to Jv DotNet Controls) is a set of standard controls with a visual look similar to the hot tracking style of the VS.Net components. This package includes standard as well as DB enabled controls.

November 2003

  • Maciej Kaczkowski donates JvHTDBLabel

August 2003

  • Work on JVCL 3.0 has started with the goal of major consolidation of components and better documentation.
  • Tim Sullivan donates the UIL Time Framework components.

July 2003

  • William Yu Wei donates his KWizard.
  • Mouse gesture components donated by Christian Vogt.

March 2003

  • JVCL 2.1 Stable released.
  • JvValidateEdit donated by Christopher Latta.

February 2003

  • Robert Marquardt finishes restructuring of JVCL.
  • Robert Marquardt, Remko Bonte, and Ralf Grenzing are our newest "Contributors of the Month".

January 2003

  • Andrey Chudin donates his Globus VCL library.
  • Robert Marquardt starts restructuring of JVCL.

November 2002

  • Peter Thörnqvist becomes JVCL overall coordinator.
  • JVCL 2.0 Stable released (for D5, D6, D6PE, D7 and D7PE and with limited support for BCB5). New in this version: UIL Plugin System.

October 2002

  • Peter Thörnqvist opens JVCL Forums as a suggested replacement for current Yahoo mailing lists. Note: this forum has been closed.

September 2002

  • Fernando Silva donates JvFooter, JvGroupHeader, and JVNTEventLog components

August 2002

  • Tim Sullivan donates his UIL Plugin System (Version 5), and Ralf Steinhaeusser his improved version of it.
  • Petr Vones and Remko Bonte are our newest "Contributors of the Month".
  • JVCL 2.0 Beta released (incl. RALib, JvBands, and JEDI Installer).
  • JVCL Convert now includes RaLib conversion datafile.
  • Ralf Grenzing and Uwe Rupprecht create a new MegaDemo
  • Marcel Bestebroer donates "Don't Show Again" Dialog components
  • Rudy Velthuis donates JvRadioControl component

July 2002

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page started.
  • John Kozikopoulos donates Image Thumbnail components.
  • JVCL 2.0 Alpha released (incl. RxLib).
  • JVCL Convert (a tool for comprehensive Search/Replace) released.
  • Added JvAnalogClock from Frenk Vrtariè.
  • Stable JVCL 1.32 released.
  • JVCL Contributors of the Month page added.
  • Sebastien Buysse develops a Gateway synchronizing JVCL newsgroups and mailing lists. Note: this gateway is not active anymore.

June 2002

  • Thanks to Matthias Thoma, the Bug databases of JVCL and JCL have been merged. This way you will need only one login/password to enter bugs for all JEDI projects.
  • The well known RxLib will be joining JVCL in one of the next major releases of JVCL.
  • Jan Verhoeven donates his collection of 45 components to JVCL After conversion to JVCL naming/coding standard, it will be included in the next major release of JVCL.
  • RALib with its more than 20 components joins JVCL. After conversion to JVCL naming/coding standard, it will be included in the next major release of JVCL.
  • JVCL 1.31 released (5 new components from Sebastien Buysse, D5 compatibility thanks to Andrei Prygounkov, bug fixes thanks to Peter Thörnqvist)
  • Marcel Bestebroer, our Help coordinator, releases Guidelines for JVCL Help Writers. Please join Marcel in making the JVCL Help a better one.
  • Added a page for JVCL users

May 2002

  • JVCL 1.30 beta released (over 50 new components). This release is for D6 only.
  • Work on localization of JVCL initiated.
  • Ralf Grenzing and Uwe Rupprecht started to work on JVCL Demo.
  • Alexander Samusenko rewrites JvHTMLParser and donates a Demo for it.
  • Peter Thörnqvist donates his library of over 50 EQ Pack components.
  • Serhiy Perevoznyk donates his library of Dialog components.
  • Marcel Bestebroer releases JvInspector 1.12.
  • JVCL Webpage redesigned.

April 2002

  • Jim Cooper donates his diagramming components

March 2002

  • JVCL 1.20 beta released (compatible with Delphi 5)
  • Help files released

February 2002

  • JVCL registered on sourceforge.
  • David Polberger donates his JvLinkLabel.

March 2001

  • Peter Below donates several new components.
  • Sebastien Buysse donates the BU Pack.
  • Chiang Seng Chang donates JvBandObject.
  • Michael Rynn donates set of his components.

September 2000

  • Pasha Sivtsov donates PageSetup Dialog for Printing.
  • Eko Subagio donates DB-Aware DateTimePicker.

July 2000

  • Petr Vones donates a collection of his components.