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While we try hard to release bug free software, bugs are a part of reality. So, if you have found any bugs, please report them to us. To make the bug reporting as efficient as possible, please try to follow these rules:

  • Make the report as detailed as possible so we have a fair chance to reproduce and fix it.
  • If you have any code that reproduce the problem, attach it to the report (zip file, source only, no dependencies on third-party software).
  • Detailed steps are mandatory for us to understand and solve your problem.
  • If you already have a solution you believe will work, include it in the bug report.
  • Be prepared to monitor the report after submission since it is very common that we will need additional information.

More information in the IssueTracker page.

Note: The "anonymous" user has been prevented from adding bugs following discussions on our newsgroups. To sum up, many stale reports were posted by anonymous users who never came back to answer our questions. Having email sent to posters and developers means a better and quicker response cycle.