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Christian Wimmer

Page Float

  • JEDI Windows API Library
Definition of JWA
Link: JEDI_Windows_API_Library
  • Dynamic Function Invocation Update
Talk about how JWA functions should be dynamically loaded. Several approaches and a big discussion about a possible "register corruption" in current implementation.
Link: User_talk:ConradPino/Christian_Wimmer/Dynamic_Function_Invocation_Update
  • Dynamic Function Invocation Update Archive
Design Offer and compiler directives for DYNAMIC_LINKING and DYNAMIC_DELAYED
Link: User_talk:ConradPino/Christian_Wimmer/Dynamic_Function_Invocation_Update/Archive
  • GetProcedureAddress Improvements
Speed improvement of GetProcedureAddress by Patrick van Logchem
Link: User_talk:ChristianWimmer/GetProcedureAddress_Improvements
  • White Space Problem
About the JEDIedit application and its implementation and documentation.
Link: User:ConradPino/White_Space_Problem
Talk: User talk:ConradPino/White Space Problem

User Pages

  • ConradPino's Page
Link: User:ConradPino
  • Oliver's Page
Link: User:Oliver

External Links

Windows Programming
Link page about different types of locking resources
TMonitor to lock objects