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Adds a plugin to the manager.


 functionAddCustomPlugin(PlugIn: TJvPlugIn; constFileName: string = ): Boolean;


Parameters Description
PlugIn: TJvPlugIn Reference to the TJvPlugin instance to register.
const FileName: string = Description for this parameter


AddCustomPlugin will add the specified plugin to the list of loaded plugins. The plugin will be registered as a custom plugin and will be initialized with the filename CustomPlugin.
Just as with loading a plugin directly, each command supported by the plugin will be registered using the OnNewCommand event.
This method can be used to add plugins embedded in the main application or additional plugins embedded in another plugin DLL or package.
If the initialization of the plugin fails the method will return False, otherwise True will be returned.

See Also

TJvPluginManager.LoadPlugin, TJvPluginManager.OnNewCommand


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