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Event called for each command of a loaded plugin.


 TNewCommandEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; ACaption, AHint, AData: string; AShortCut: TShortCut; ABitmap: TJvBitmap; AEvent: TNotifyEvent) ofobject;
propertyOnNewCommand: TNewCommandEvent;


Parameters Description
AShortCut Description for this parameter
ABitmap The value of the command's Bitmap property.
AEvent The value of the command's OnExecute event.
AData The value of the command's Data property.
Sender Reference to the plugin manager component.
ACaption The value of the command's Caption property.
AHint The value of the command's Hint property.


Write an OnNewCommand event handler to register a command in a loaded plugin. The event will be called for each command in each loaded plugin. The parameters contain the values of their respective properties in the command.

See Also

TJvPluginManager.LoadPlugins, TJvPluginManager.OnAfterLoad, TJvPluginManager.OnBeforeLoad, TJvPluginManager.OnPlugInError


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