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Creates a new shortcut in the specified system folder.


 function ShellLinkCreateSystem(const Link: TShellLink; const Folder: Integer; const FileName: string): HRESULT;


Parameters Description
const Folder: Integer The folder in which to create the shortcut. This must be set to one of the CSIDL_XXX constants.
const FileName: string Filename for the new shortcut. This can include a folder but no drive indication.
ShellLink TShellLink record with the details about the shortcut to create.

Return Value

If the function succeeds the shortcut is created and the return value is S_OK. If the function fails the return value is an OLE error code.


ShellLinkCreateSystem creates a new shortcut specified by FileName in the system folder specified by the Folder parameter (CSIDL_XXX constants). FileName can contain a path but not a drive specification. See TShellLink for information about the ShortCut parameter. If the function succeeds it returns S_OK otherwise it returns an OLE error code.

See Also

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Marcel van Brakel


You must free the TShellLink record by calling ShellLinkFree

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