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I purchase Delphi XE7 last Dec for Migration of my old Delphi programs.
First of all, we will migrate all of old Delphi Version to XE6 (BDE usable Last Version). 
And then Migrate for FireDac (namely XE7)
So I Insatll the XE6. In old Delphi Version, I used The RXLIB components for CurrencyEdit,
DateEdit, DirectoryEdit, FilenameEdit, rxLabel etc. But In XE6, RxLib is unusable.
and JEDI VCL is used instead of RxLib.
JEDI VCL was Down Loaded  From
    (JVCL348CompleteJCL26-build5178.Zip, last update 2014-05-06 )  
and I tried to run Installstion The JEDI VCL.
But I was failed The installstion. the failure Message is 

[ C:\program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\14.0\source\common\jclsysutils.pas

 (2306) warning w1057 Implicit string cast from 'AnsiChar' to 'string'
 Fatal: F2039 Could not create output file '..\bin\jediInstaller.exe'
 An error occured while compiling the installer. Installation aborted ]
In this Case what shall I do ? please reply me by the Email
my Email :
tank you