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PPP - Pascal PreProcessor


Version 0.5.3

PPP is a Pascal PreProcessor written by Barry Kelly. The jpp tool we are using for the JCL is directly derived from it. This is not the official homepage of ppp. The Pascal PreProcessor tool can be optained from codecentral.

ppp is a command line tool. All preprocessed files will be written to new files with extension .pi. The syntax of the tool is

 ppp.exe [options] <input files>...


 -h, -?   help screen
 -i       Process includes
 -c       Process conditional directives
 -pxxx    Add xxx to include path
 -dxxx    Define xxx as a preprocessor conditional symbol


If you have any suggestions or bug-reports, contact Barry Kelly at


You can download the tool from either CodeCentral or from our homepage. Please notice that we cannot guarantee that we always have the latest version of the tool available for download. CodeCentral