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Tags added to the beginning of the generated HTML.


 propertyHeader: TStrings;


Header is a TStrings property that represents the HTML tags added to the beginning of the HTML generated using the ConvertToHtml or ConvertToHtmlStrings methods. The default value for the Header property is assigned in the constructor for the component, and contains the following:


During processing in the ConvertToHtmlStrings method, the value of the Title property is used to replace all instances of the <#TITLE> tag found in the Header property.
The Footer property contains tags added to the end of the generated HTML.
The Header and Footer properties are used in the overloaded ConvertToHtmlStrings methods.

See Also

TJvRichEditToHtml.ConvertToHtmlStrings, TJvRichEditToHtml.ConvertToHtml, TJvRichEditToHtml.Footer


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