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Wrapper for the v2.0 or v3.0 Windows rich text edit control.



 TJvRichEdit = class(TJvCustomRichEdit);


  1. JVCLInfo

A rich edit control is a window in which the user can enter, edit, format, print, and save text. The text can be assigned character and paragraph formatting, and can include embedded Component Object Model (COM) objects. Rich edit controls support almost all of the messages and notification messages used with multiline edit controls.
Rich Edit Version 2.0
Rich Edit 2.0 includes the following features in addition to the features provided by Rich Edit version 1.0.

Feature Description ----------------------------------------
Find Up/Find Down support Searching forward and backward is supported, see function FindText and the TRichSearchTypes type.
Bidirectional support This is included in Rich Edit 2.1
Multilevel undo An extensible Undo architecture allows client to participate in application-wide Undo model. See Undo, CanUndo etc.
Automatic URL recognition Can check for a number of URL formats (For example, http:), see property AutoURLDetect
Plain-text as well as rich-text Single-character format and single-paragraph functionality format.
Windowless operation and interfaces This is provided through the ITextHost and ITextServices interfaces. (TODO)
COM dual interfaces Text Object Model (TOM) interfaces. (TODO)
CHARFORMAT2 Added font weight, background color, locale identifier, underline type, superscript and subscript (in addition to Offset), disabled effect. For RTF roundtripping only, added amount to space between letters, twip size above which to kern character pair, animated-text type, various effects: font shadow/outline, all caps, small caps, hidden, embossed, imprint, and revised. See TJvTextAttributes.
PARAFORMAT2 Added space before and after and Word line spacing. For RTF roundtripping only, added shading weight/style, numbering start/style/tab, border space/width/sides, tab alignment/leaders, various Word paragraph effects: RTL paragraph, keep, keep-next, page-break-before, no-line-number, no-window-control, do-not-hyphenate, side-by-side, see TJvParaAttributes.

With a few exceptions, Rich Edit 2.0 uses the same functions, structures, and properties as Rich Edit 1.0 (supported by the standard TRichEdit control). But note the following differences:

Property Description -----------------------------------------
TJvCustomRichEdit.AutoURLDetect enables or disables automatic URL detection.
AutoURLDetect> CanRedo Determines whether there are any actions in the redo queue.
Retrieves or sets options for IME and Asian LangOptions language support.
Retrieves the type name of the next action in RedoName the redo queue.
Retrieves the type name of the next action in UndoName the undo queue.
Redo Redoes the next action in the redo queue.
Sets the maximum number of actions in the undo UndoLimit queue.
Stops grouping consecutive typing actions into StopGroupTyping the current undo action.

Class Description -----------------
TJvTextAttributes Wrapper for CHARFORMAT2, contains information about character formatting.
TJvParaAttributes Wrapper for PARAFORMAT2, contains information about paragraph formatting.

Wrappers for messages:

Function Description ----------------------------------------
TJvCustomRichEdit.GetCharPos Retrieves the client area coordinates of a GetCharPos> specified character in a rich edit control.
Retrieves the character index of the first GetLineIndex character of a specific line.
Retrieves the length specific line.
Retrieves the starting and ending character GetSelection positions of the selection.
Retrieves a specified range of characters from GetTextRange a rich edit control.
Selects a range of characters and/or Component SetSelection Object Model (COM) objects in the rich edit control.

Rich Edit Version 3.0

Rich Edit 3.0 includes the following features in addition to the features provided by Rich Edit

Feature Description -----------------------------------
Zoom. The zoom factor is given by a ratio, see property TJvCustomRichEdit.Zoom, Zoom>.
Paragraph numbering (single-level) Numeric, upper and lower alphabetic, or Roman numeral, see property Numbering of TJvParaAttributes.
Normal and heading styles Built-in normal style and heading styles 1 through 9 are supported, see property HeadingStyle of TJvParaAttributes.
More underline types Dashed, dash-dot, dash-dot-dot, and dot underlining has been added, see property UnderlineType.
Underline coloring Underlined text can be tagged with one of 15 document choices for underline colors, see property UnderlineColor.
Hidden text See property Hidden of TJvTextAttributes.
Increased undo control Undo can be suspended and resumed (an IME requirement). (TODO)





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