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Broadcasts a message to all loaded plugins.


 procedureSendMessage(PluginMessage: Longint; PluginParams: string); deprecated;


Parameters Description
PluginMessage: Longint ID of the message to send. As a host developer you can define these yourself.
PluginParams: string String containing additional parameters for the message. As a host developer you determine the meaning of this string.


SendMessage will broadcast the specified message to all loaded plugins. It does so by calling SendPluginMessage for each plugin in the Plugins array.
If you want to send a message to a specific plugin, you can use Plugins[<index>].SendPluginMessage(<message ID>,<message text>); As a host developer you are responsible of defining and documenting the messages your application may send. You should make this public so plugin developers can use this information.

See Also

TJvPlugIn.SendPluginMessage, TJvPluginManager.PluginCount, TJvPluginManager.Plugins


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