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Occurs immediately before a new page is selected.


 propertyOnChanging: TJvPageChangingEvent;


Parameters Description
Sender The page list that triggered the event.
PageIndex The index of the page that is to become selected.
AllowChange Set to false to disallow the change. This parameter is true by default.


Write an OnChanging event handler to take specific action immediately before the selected page changes. Set the AllowChange parameter to false to prevent the change. Use an OnChanging event handler to prevent the user from leaving a page until certain conditions have been met. An OnChanging event handler can also be used to save information about the current state of the page before it is changed by a new page selection. To access the currently active page, access either the ActivePage or ActivePageIndex properties.

See Also

TJvCustomPageList.ActivePage, TJvCustomPageList.ActivePageIndex, TJvCustomPageList.OnChange


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