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Class Hierarchy[edit]



A sidebar control that displays pages and buttons in a manner similar to the outlook bar in Microsoft® Outlook® XP and older.



 TJvLookOut = class(TJvCustomControl);


  1. JVCLInfo

Use a TJvLookOut when you want to display buttons logically separated into pages without using up too much screen real estate. The TJvLookOut groups buttons on pages and only one page is visible at a time. To display a page, click the page button at the top of the page. The currently active page is "collapsed" and the newly selected page is "expanded" to fill the available screen area within the TJvLookOut's ClientRect. Each page has its own set of buttons and you can specify different settings for the background color and background image, image sizes, button frame color for each page. When the available screen space isn't enough to display all the buttons on a page, scroll arrows are displayed as needed at the top and/or bottom of the page.





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