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General storage component.



 TJvFormStorage = class(TJvFormPlacement);


  1. JVCLInfo

Use a TJvFormStorage component to store and retrieve data from a storage. Use in combination with TJvAppStorage-descendants like TJvAppIniFileStorage (to use ini-files), TJvAppRegistryStorage (-> Registry) or similar. The component can store, retrieve and restore published properties of any component on the form.
For example you can use the component to save the position of a splitter, the text of an edit control or the checked value of a checkbox on closure of a form, and later retrieve and restore the properties of these components on re-opening of the form.
TJvFormStorage descends from TJvFormPlacement; thus, it also enables you to store and retrieve the forms placement.
To use this component, do the following:

  • Drop a TJvFormStorage on a form.
  • Use either the StoredProps editor by double-clickingthe component, or the component's properties, to specify which properties of what components you want to be stored and retrieved.
  • Use the AppStorage property to link the component to a storage component.
  • Use AppStoragePath to specify the location in the storage to save and read the data to.
  • You can then set property Active to true to allow automatically save and restore the specified properties, or call the RestoreFormPlacement and SaveFormPlacement methods at run-time to retrieve and store the form.
  • Link the TJvFormStorage (or TJvFormPlacement) component to the IniStorage property of other components to save and load information specific for these components (TJvCheckListBox, TJvDrawGrid, TJvSpeedbar, TJvMRUManager, TJvDBGrid) with no additional code.


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