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Updates the display order and visibility of a page in the list.


 functionShowPage(Page: TJvCustomPage; PageIndex: Integer = -1): TJvCustomPage; virtual;


Parameters Description
Page: TJvCustomPage Page to display in the page list.
PageIndex: Integer = -1 Position for the specified page in the page list, or -1 when not found.

Return Value

TJvCustomPage - The updated page object, or Nil when the page or page list does not exist.


ShowPage is a function used to activate the specified page in the page list.
Page is the TJvCustomPage instance to activate in the page list. When Page is Nil, or when Page has already been assigned to another page list, the return value for the method is Nil. Otherwise, the Page is updated to reflect the current page list as the owner of the TJvCustomPage instance.
PageIndex indicates the position the page should occupy in the page list. When PageIndex contains -1 (an unassigned index value), an existing page index is retained.
ShowPage causes the Page instance to be removed from the internal list of hidden (or non-visible) pages in the page list.
Use HidePage to move the specified page to the list of hidden (non-visible) pages.
Use ActivePage to access the page that currently has focus in the page list.
Use the navigation methods PrevPage and NextPage to access visible pages in the page list.

See Also

TJvCustomPage, TJvCustomPageList.HidePage, TJvCustomPageList.ActivePage, TJvCustomPageList.PrevPage, TJvCustomPageList.NextPage


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