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Determines whether clicking a cell in the grid shows a zoom panel or not.


 propertyShowZoomPanel: Boolean;


Use ShowZoomPanel to define whether a zoom panel is shown when the user selects a cell in the grid.
A zoom panel displays the currently selected character in a larger font and in a separate window overlaying the currently selected cell.
To show the zoom panel at run-time, ShowZoomPanel must be true. The zoom panel can then be displayed using any of the following methods:

  • Programmatically by setting PanelVisible to true.
  • By clicking the left mouse button in a valid cell.
  • By selecting a cell and pressing the Enter key.

Once the zoom panel is visible, the user can use the arrow keys or the mouse scroll wheel to move the zoom panel to another cell.

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A user can toggle the zoom panel on and off using the Spacebar and hide it using by pressing the Escape key.

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