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Class Hierarchy[edit]



Component that can monitor file and directory changes and report to the user when a change occurs.



 TJvChangeNotify = class(TJvComponent);


  1. JVCLInfo

Use a TJvChangeNotify component when you need to monitor changes in one or more directories on the computer. The component can detect changes to files as well as folders. The component uses the FindFirstNotification API to perform the actual work of monitoring the directories (for more information, see the Platform SDK Help or MSDN), so any limitations of that API is also imposed on TJvChangeNotify. Specifically, there is no information on what file or files have been changed in a directory, only that changes have occurred. If you need to know the details on the exact file or files that have changed, you will have to write your own code.
To avoid locking up the application, a thread is created when the component is activated. The thread then polls the Notifications at a set interval. When a change has been detected, the OnChangeNotify event is triggered and monitoring continues.





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