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Class Hierarchy[edit]



Displays a dialog box enabling the user to select a Shell folder.



 TJvBrowseForFolderDialog = class(TJvCommonDialogF, IFolderFilter);


  1. JVCLInfo

TJvBrowseForFolderDialog is a wrapper for the SHBrowseForFolder windows API. It can display the Browse dialog box, do this by calling the Execute method.
It supports:

  • Setting the root folder in the dialog box: You can specify a special folder as root folder from which to start browsing by setting property RootDirectory. Alternatively you can use RootDirectoryPath to specify a normal folder as root folder. Only the specified folder and any subfolders that are beneath it in the namespace hierarchy will appear in the dialog box. Use property Directory to make an item selected by default in the dialog’s box * Setting your own instructions text: Use the properties Title and StatusText for this task. You can also change the text while the dialog is displayed by calling SetStatusText.
  • Changing the OK button text: You can change text OK button text while the dialog is displayed by calling SetOKText.
  • Events that notify about selection changes and validation: Use OnChange to respond when the selection has changed in the Browse dialog box. Use OnAcceptChange to enable or disable the OK button depending on the value of the newly selected item.
  • Customize filtering (Only for windows XP): Windows XP enables you to filter out items that you don't want to be displayed in the dialog. Write event handlers for the OnGetEnumFlags and OnShouldShow events for this task.

You can preview this dialog at design-time, by right-clicking the component and clicking 'Preview...'.





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