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Base Packages[edit]

The JCL is split into four base packages:

Name Description
Jcl Contains all the commonly used JCL units, more information in the JEDI Code Library RTL package documentation
JclContainers Contains all the container units, more information in the JEDI Code Library Containers package documentation
JclDeveloperTools Contains all the developer tools units, more information in the JEDI Code Library Developer Tools package
JclVcl Contains all the units depending on the VCL, more information in the JEDI Code Library VCL package

These packages are compiled when the Packages node is selected in the JCL installer.

Trace options[edit]

These packages can be compiled with enabled tracing informations. The Delphi compiler can create MAP files containing a description of all code and data segments occupied by the packages. These MAP files are generated if you select the option "Create MAP files".

The MAP files are usually big, the JCL Installer can compress them into JDBG files, this is done if the option "Create JEDI Debug Information" is selected. These compressed information can be embedded directly into the BPL if the option "Insert JEDI Debug Information in the libraries" is selected.

The JCL installer can automatically delete the big MAP files after they are compressed into JEDI Debug information if the option "Do not keep MAP files" is selected.

Expert options[edit]

The JCL provides several improvements for the RAD Studio IDE:

Name Package Description
Debug Extension JclDebugExpert IDE expert which assists to insert JCL Debug information into executable files.
Project Analyser JclProjectAnalysisExpert IDE Project Analyzer: find all the files included by your project, analyse their code size...
Debug window for XMM registers JclSIMDViewExpert A debug window of XMM registers (used by SSE instructions).
Exception dialog expert JclRepositoryExpert Repository expert to easily create exception dialogs.
Stack trace viewer JclStackTraceViewerExpert IDE expert which shows the JCL Debug stack trace information.
Favorite combobox in Open/Save dialogs JclFavoriteFoldersExpert Install "Favorites" combobox in IDE Open/Save dialogs.
Version Control JclVersionControlExpert Integration of TortoiseCVS, TortoiseSVN and TortoiseGIT in the IDE.

The JCL installer automatically compiles and install these expert into the IDE if the associated nodes are selected.