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Executes a control panel application.


 function ShellRunControlPanel(const NameOrFileName: string; AppletNumber: Integer = 0): Boolean;


Parameters Description
const NameOrFileName: string Filename of the control panel application to execute (a .cpl)
AppletNumber: Integer = 0 Zero based index of the applet to execute. Most control panel applications only implement a single applet so this parameter is most often 0. However, for those control panel applications that implement multiple applets you can use this index to choose the applet to execute. For example, on Windows 2000 main.cpl implements two applets, Mouse Properties (index 0) and Keyboard Properties (index 1).

Return Value

If the control panel application can be executed the function returns True, otherwise it returns False. Note that the application is executed asynchronously so the application may not be running yet when the function returns. Note that passing an invalid index causes the function to return True (it only checks validity of the filename) but the applet will not be shown (obviously).


ShellRunControlPanel executes a control panel application.





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