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Retrieves the next item in the enumeration matching the attributes specified by a previous call to SHEnumFolderFirst.


 function SHEnumFolderNext(var F: TEnumFolderRec): Boolean;


Parameters Description
var F: TEnumFolderRec TEnumFolderRec that was returned by SHEnumFolderFirst

Return Value

If the function finds a next item it returns True. If there is no next item or an error occurred it returns False.


SHEnumFolderNext retrieves the next item in the enumeration of a folder that was previously started with SHEnumFolderFirst. If the function succeeds it returns True and the F parameter is filled with the information about the next item. If it fails then the function returns False. The most likely case is that there are no more items in the folder. You should always end an enumeration by calling SHEnumFolderClose.

See Also

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