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Compares two item identifier lists.


 function PidlCompare(Pidl1: PItemIdList; Pidl2: PItemIdList): Boolean;


Parameters Description
Pidl1: PItemIdList An item identifier list to compare against Pidl2
Pidl2: PItemIdList An item identifier list to compare against Pidl1

Return Value

If the two pidl's are equal the function returns True, if they are not equal it returns False.


PidlCompare compares the two supplied item identifier lists (pidl's). If they are equal the result is True, otherwise the result is False. Note that if both pidl's are nil they considered equal. Equality is determined by directly comparing the memory block that the item identifier lists point to. This may lead to incorrect results because a namespace extension is free to implement a pidl in any way it likes. To compare pidl's in a reliable manner you must use the IShellFolder's CompareIDs method.





Marcel van Brakel

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