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Overlays Icon with OverlayIcon.


 function OverlayIcon(var Icon: HICON; Overlay: HICON; Large: Boolean): Boolean;


Parameters Description
var Icon: HICON Handle of the icon which you want to overlay.
Overlay: HICON Handle of the overlay icon.
Large: Boolean If True Icon and Overlay are assumed to be large icons, if False they are assumed to be small icons. See Notes.

Return Value

If the function succeeds the result is True and Icon contains a handle to the overlayed version. If the function fails the return value is False.


OverlayIcon will overlay Icon with Overlay and return the result in Icon. If the function succeeds the return value is True. If it fails the return value is False in which case Icon retains its old value. The Large parameter controls whether the icons are assumed to be large (True) or small (False).

See Also

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Marcel van Brakel


The dimensions of large and small are determined by using the GetSystemMetrics function with SM_CXICON, SM_CXSMICON respectively.

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