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Returns an instance of the TJclAppInstances class, creating one if necessary.


 function JclAppInstances: TJclAppInstances; overload;
function JclAppInstances(const UniqueAppIdGuidStr: string): TJclAppInstances; overload;


Parameters Description
const UniqueAppIdGuidStr: string A user defined string used to customize naming of internal objects to ensure system wide uniqueness. It's recommended you use an actual GUID.

Return Value[edit]

Returns an instance of the TJclAppInstances class which allows you to further control other instances of the application and communicate with them. See the documentation of TJclAppInstances for more detail on using the TJclAppInstances class.


The JclAppInstances function returns an instance of the TJclAppInstances class, creating one if necessary. The parameterless overload creates a TJclAppInstances whose internal name is based on the process name itself while the overload with the UniqueAppIdGuidStr parameter alllows you to customize the internal name to ensure uniqueness.





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