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Converts a drive to an item identifier list and binds to the CSIDL_DRIVES folder.


 function DriveToPidlBind(const DriveName: string; out Folder: IShellFolder): PItemIdList;


Parameters Description
const DriveName: string The drive you want to bind to. Pass in "x:" or "x:" (replace 'x' with the required drive).
out Folder: IShellFolder On success the Folder contains a reference to the parent of the specified drive. This will always be the CSIDL_DRIVES folder.

Return Value

If the function succeeds the return value is the item identifier list of the specified drive, relative to the returned Folder. On failure the return value is nil. Note that the caller is responsible for eventually releasing the returned pidl by calling PidlFree.


DriveToPidlBind converts the specified drive to an item identifier list and binds Folder to the CSIDL_DRIVES special folder (which is the parent of all drives). You should specify drive as "c:" or "c:" where c can be replaced by any valid drive. If the function fails both Folder and the result are set to nil.

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