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Displays the context menu of a shell item.


 function DisplayContextMenu(const Handle: THandle; const FileName: string; Pos: TPoint): Boolean;


Parameters Description
const Handle: THandle Handle of the window to use as the parent for all windows displayed by this function.
const FileName: string Fully qualified name of the file for which you want to display a context menu.
Pos: TPoint Position, in client coordinates relative to the window identified by Handle, of the top, left corner of the context menu.

Return Value

If the function succeeds the result is True, if it fails the result is False.


Displays the context menu of the file specified by FileName at position Pos using the window defined by Handle as the parent for the menu. The function returns True on success and False on failure. Note that when the user selects an item from the menu, the action defined by that item is also executed.

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