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[edit] Summary

Base class for TJvCsvDataSet.


[edit] Pascal

 TJvCustomCsvDataSet = class(TDataSet);

[edit] Description

Normally, you would just use TJvCsvDataSet directly,and not use TJvCustomCsvDataSet.
If you read further, we'll assume you want to write a custom component and inherit from TJvCustomCsvDataSet. Okay then.
You can use this class as a base class for your own Comma Separated Variable File component. This base class is fully functional is the same as TJvCsvDataSet, except it has no published properties. See the documentation for TJvCsvDataSet if you want to see the version that has all properties published (for use at design time).
You can create your own custom component, inherit from TJvCustomCsvDataSet, publish the properties your users will need, then just drop the component onto a form, and Connect it to a DataSource, and use it just like a TTable or the MIDAS TClientDataSet.
No runtime files and no external database link required.


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