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[edit] Class Hierarchy


[edit] Summary

Plugin manager.


[edit] Pascal

 TJvPluginManager = class(TJvComponent);

[edit] Description

  1. JVCLInfo

TJvPluginManager is the plugin manager for an application. It's the core of a plugin enabled (or host) application.
The component takes care of all the housekeeping involved in loading/unloading plugins and provides several properties and methods to load or unload plugins, configuring a plugin, sending messages to one plugin or all plugins or executing a command.
Loaded plugins are stored in the Plugins property. You can access individual plugins much like you can access individual strings in TStrings object, e.g. Plugins[0].Configure.
For more information on writing plugins and make applications plugin enabled, take a look at Writing plugins and plugin enabled applications.


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[edit] Notes

Due to an unresolved bug, you should make sure that TJvPluginManager is created before the main menu if you add plug-ins to the main menu. TJvPluginManager should be available when the main menu is destroyed.


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