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[edit] Class Hierarchy


[edit] Summary

Caption animation component.


[edit] Pascal

 TJvAnimTitle = class(TJvComponent);

[edit] Description

  1. JVCLInfo

TJvAnimTitle is a component to provide an animated form caption. The component handles two things:

  • Animate the caption (the caption appears character by character and then disappears).
  • Allow the caption to blink x time after the caption has appeared.

To use this component you should:

  • Construct a TJvAnimTitle instance at run-time.
  • Set the Title to the title to display (by default set to the forms Caption. Changes to the formsCaption are not mirrored in this property).
  • Set the delay between two animation steps.
  • Optionally set Blink to the number of blinks after the title is fully displayed or leave it at 0if you don't want the caption to blink.
  • Activate the component by setting property Enabled to true.


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