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[edit] Class Hierarchy


[edit] Summary

Button that is added to the form caption.


[edit] Pascal

 TJvCaptionButton = class(TJvComponent);

[edit] Description

  1. JVCLInfo

TJvCaptionButton encapsulates a button that is placed in the form's caption, much like the standard minimize, maximize and close buttons.
To use a caption button:

  • Drop a TJvCaptionButton on a form.
  • Specify if it is shown as a standard button (Minimize, Maximize button etc).
  • If it's not a standard button, specify a caption and/or image.
  • You can assign an action to the caption button.
  • Use the ButtonLeft, ButtonTop and Position properties to horizontally and vertically position the button, or you can leave them to their default values, to position the button on the defaultplace: next to the left most default caption button.
  • Use the ButtonHeight and ButtonWidth properties to alter the size of the button, or you can leave them to their default values, to get a caption button that has the same size as the defaultcaption buttons.


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