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This page will give you an overview of all current and past JEDI teams.

[edit] Active Teams

Team Contact Homepage Download
JEDI Windows API Library Christian Wimmer Download here
JEDI Code Library Florent Ouchet Download here
JEDI Version Control System Holger Dors, Thomas Huber Download here
JEDI Visual Component Library Olivier Sannier Download here
JEDI Math Ralph K. Muench Download here
JEDI Simple DirectMedia Layer Dominique Louis Download here
JEDI Quicktime Project George Birbilis unknown unknown
JEDI Code Formatter Anthony Steele Download here

[edit] Status Unknown Teams

Team Contact Homepage Download
JEDI Experts Michael Beck Download here
JEDI Database Desktop Pascal Berger unknown unknown
JEDI Jwars Isometric game engine unknown unknown unknown
JEDI Darth Alan C. Moore unknown unknown
Jedi Program Editor Michael Beck Download here
Jedi Dolphin unknown unknown unknown
JEDI Business Application FrameworkProject unknown unknown unknown

[edit] Inactive/Past Teams

Team Contact Homepage Download
JEDI Image Library (JIL) unknown not available not available
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